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Aug 2, 2018 Comments Off on Being A Good Parent R.H. Collins

Being a Good Parent
By Richard H. Collins

  1. Be there. Go to the ballet recitals, soccer games, birthday parties, football
  2. Find out what aptitudes your child has and focus their education in those
  3. Make sure the school is right for your child. Make sure the teacher is right
    for your child. If they aren’t, then find the right teacher and school.
  4. Know your child’s teacher.
  5. If divorced, never criticize your former spouse.
  6. No means no. Children need boundaries and need to know they matter.
  7. Do not let the new husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend disrupt a good
    working relationship with your former spouse.
  8. Every child needs a spiritual aspect to their lives: it teaches ethics, morals,
    character, and a higher purpose in life.
  9. Failure happens in life and is acceptable; quitting is what losers do. Stay the
    course. Don’t let the child quit; make them complete the task.
  10. If you are the friend or spouse of a parent with a child, remember you are
    only the child’s friend and do not try to be the parent. You can become a
    parent figure only after you have earned the right.