Richard (Dick) H. Collins is chairman and chief executive officer of Istation, a global leader in education technology. With nearly 3 million students enrolled in 38 states and six countries, Istation is impacting teachers and students globally through groundbreaking education technology that blends online instruction with animation, game-like interactions, and real-time reporting of student data.

Philanthropy and community are very important to Collins. His philanthropic endeavors in the areas of education, crime reduction, and historical preservation have significantly and positively impacted the greater Dallas community and state of Texas. His experiences in business and education have motivated him to help thousands of disadvantaged children attend the school of their choice through the Today Foundation. It was his commitment to education that led to the founding of Dallas based Istation, which produces educational programs to help at-risk students excel in reading, math and science.

In addition, Collins has been active in historic preservation since 1972. From 1981-89, he served on Texas Historical Commission and his efforts include long-term initiatives to preserve and utilize historic structures of Jefferson, Texas, including the building of an ecological park to teach students about the environment and how business and conservationists can work together for a better America.

Richard H. Collins